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We offer private and group personal training, sport specific coaching, nutrition and diet coaching, body composition testing and more. Train at one of the highest gyms in North America.

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Mountain Barbell & Fitness provides results-driven personal training in a safe and non-intimidating environment. We work closely with clients on fitness assessment, proper movement mechanics and nutrition counseling, all personalized to your goals. We create a welcoming space where we work to inspire our clients to live a healthier, vibrant, positive lifestyle.

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Muscle & Strength

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Diet & Nutrition Coaching

Personal Training & Nutrition Coaching

Leadville Personal Trainers

We offer personal training and nutrition coaching to help you achieve your goals. When you work with us, you’ll get expert personal training and fitness knowledge and programming with the convenience of workouts on your schedule.

Body Fat Testing & Body Composition Analysis

See What You Are Made Of

See what you are made of. Within minutes, body composition testing technology will provide you with complete body fat, muscle and water composition easily, quickly, and hassle-free. 

Body Composition scans can help you reach your health, wellness, and fitness goals with meaningful data points. With full-page, in-depth results sheets you get details on your the muscle, fat, and water values of your body in minutes to help you understand, track and improve you fitness.

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Mountain Barbell & Fitness

We are Leadville's weightlifting and fitness experts. We offer personal training, body composition testing, sports nutrition and diet coaching.

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